Warriors go 4-0 at UIC Duals

Warrior senior Zach Taylor (second from left) joined the 100-win club at South Winn last week as he recorded two wins via fall at the UIC Dual Tournament on Thursday. Taylor is joined by South Winn coaches (l-r) Jason Schmelzer, Jacob Elsbernd, and Ethan Adams. (submitted photo)


Warriors go 4-0 at UIC Duals


Zakary Kriener

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The Warrior wrestling team was back on the mats Thursday afternoon as it went 4-0 at the Upper Iowa Conference Dual Tournament at Riceville.

South Winn opened the night with a dominant, 72-6, win over Clayton Ridge. The Warriors earned win No. 2 of the day in a tight, 42-34 win over North Fayette Valley before downing Postville, 45-36.

South Winn closed out the day with a 54-24 win over Riceville to complete the day, giving the Warriors a 4-0 mark. Also finishing 4-0 was MFL/MarMac, making for a showdown between the Warriors and Bulldogs on Thursday night in Calmar.

“We were fortunate to win all dual's last night and really needed some kids to step up to win the NFV dual especially,” said coach Jacob Elsbernd following the strong showing. “We had 4 varsity guys out of the lineup, so a couple others got a chance to fill in and help their team out. In previous years we might not have had the depth to insert JV kids into the lineup and may have had to forfeit some weight classes. This is a good example of why every kid in our program is so important and why the kids need to continue working hard to get each other better.”

The highlight of the day came when South Winn senior Zach Taylor earned his 100th career victory. Taylor joins his sister, Felicity, as the second set of siblings to reach the 100-win mark in a Warrior singlet as brothers Landers and Manning Kuboushek were the first.

SW 72, Clayton Ridge 6

138: Jeremiah Cullen (SOWI) over (CLAY) (For.) 145: Toby Conway (SOWI) over (CLAY) (For.) 152: Zach Taylor (SOWI) over (CLAY) (For.) 160: Lane Quandahl (SOWI) over (CLAY) (For.) 170: Logan Hageman (SOWI) over (CLAY) (For.) 182: Sam Conway (SOWI) over (CLAY) (For.) 195: Tony Greve (SOWI) over Andrew Mitchell (CLAY) (Fall 0:59) 220: Brayden Bodensteiner (SOWI) over (CLAY) (For.) 285: Ethan Timp (SOWI) over (CLAY) (For.) 106: Eric Flores (CLAY) over Aiden Feickert (SOWI) (Fall 1:05) 113: Cody Meyer (SOWI) over (CLAY) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Ethan Maldonado (SOWI) over (CLAY) (For.) 132: Brady Ohrt (SOWI) over (CLAY) (For.).

SW 42, North Fayette Valley 34

132: Braeden Ellis (NFV) over Brady Ohrt (SOWI) (Fall 0:16) 138: Dillion Sparrgrove (NFV) over Jeremiah Cullen (SOWI) (Fall 1:56) 145: Jesse Grimes (NFV) over Toby Conway (SOWI) (MD 10-2) 152: Zach Taylor (SOWI) over Alex Streif (NFV) (Fall 2:26) 160: Lane Quandahl (SOWI) over Dylan Lerch (NFV) (Fall 1:10) 170: Logan Hageman (SOWI) over (NFV) (For.) 182: Kale Rodgers (NFV) over Sam Conway (SOWI) (Fall 3:20) 195: Tony Greve (SOWI) over Isaiah Corbin (NFV) (Dec 2-0) 220: Liam McIntyre (NFV) over Brayden Bodensteiner (SOWI) (Fall 0:13) 285: Ethan Timp (SOWI) over Jackson Blue (NFV) (SV-1 11-6) 106: Aiden Feickert (SOWI) over (NFV) (For.) 113: Cody Meyer (SOWI) over (NFV) (For.) 120: Nick Koch (NFV) over (SOWI) (For.) 126: Ethan Maldonado (SOWI) over (NFV) (For.).

SW 45, Postville 36

126: Ethan Maldonado (SOWI) over Luis Ixen (POST) (Fall 0:36) 132: Wilson Perez (POST) over Brady Ohrt (SOWI) (Fall 3:15) 138: Riley Rankin (POST) over Jeremiah Cullen (SOWI) (Fall 4:20) 145: Alan Millin (POST) over Toby Conway (SOWI) (Fall 3:31) 152: Zach Taylor (SOWI) over Will Linderbaum (POST) (Fall 0:58) 160: Lane Quandahl (SOWI) over Favian Salgado (POST) (Fall 2:42) 170: Logan Hageman (SOWI) over Gama Cordera (POST) (Fall 1:39) 182: Sam Conway (SOWI) over Volodymyr Kiselov (POST) (Fall 1:26) 195: Tony Greve (SOWI) over Brian Schroeder (POST) (Dec 7-0) 220: Dorian Gutierrez (POST) over Brayden Bodensteiner (SOWI) (Fall 3:25) 285: Ethan Timp (SOWI) over Rojelio Upton (POST) (Fall 0:20) 106: Aiden Feickert (SOWI) over Rylee Miller (POST) (Fall 1:33) 113: Jackson Wedo (POST) over Cody Meyer (SOWI) (Fall 0:44) 120: Khiaya Burns (POST) over (SOWI) (For.).

SW 54, Riceville 24

145: Toby Conway (SOWI) over (RICE) (For.) 152: Lawson Losee (RICE) over Zach Taylor (SOWI) (Fall 3:56) 160: Lane Quandahl (SOWI) over Watson Fair (RICE) (Fall 1:52) 170: Logan Hageman (SOWI) over (RICE) (For.) 182: Sam Conway (SOWI) over (RICE) (For.) 195: Drew Fox (RICE) over (SOWI) (For.) 220: Mitchel Marr (RICE) over Brayden Bodensteiner (SOWI) (Fall 0:49) 285: Ethan Timp (SOWI) over (RICE) (For.) 106: Aiden Feickert (SOWI) over Will Felper (RICE) (Fall 1:13) 113: Cody Meyer (SOWI) over (RICE) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Ethan Maldonado (SOWI) over Kooper Tweite (RICE) (Fall 1:40) 132: JD Beran (RICE) over Brady Ohrt (SOWI) (Fall 1:23) 138: Jeremiah Cullen (SOWI) over (RICE) (For.).



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